• Daily dog walks & play time
  • Overnight stays
  • Pet transportation
  • Cat litter cleaning
  • Fish, bird & small animal care
  • Aromatherapy
  • Training
Available 7 Days a Week

Dog Sitting and Pet Sitting Services Raleigh NC

Your pets are part of the family. At Pawsitively Purrfect, we understand this and our goal is make sure your furry friend is as happy and comfortable when you’re away. Ask us about aromatherapy and flower essences. We offer a full suite of pet care services, including:

Daily Dog Walking & Playtime

Starting from $20 a visit
If you want someone who simply runs over to your house and lets your doggy out, don't call us, because we want to create an experience for your pet! You tell us what your dog’s routine is and we’ll recreate it for you- as if you had never left.

Pet Sitting and Overnight Stays

Starting from $60 a night
When you choose us to stay with you pets in your home, you will have peace of mind knowing there are able to stay at home in their familiar environment. They will also receive plenty of love and personal attention from us!

Pet Transportation

Need a ride? Whether your dog needs a lift to the vet, the groomer, or just likes to go for a ride, we’ve got you covered.

Kitty Care

Cats might seem pretty independent, but we know they need just as much love as dogs do. We provide cat litter scooping and cleaning. We will also make sure your kitty receives extra care or attention while you’re away, including playtime, catnip toys, and more.

Small Animal Care

In addition to cats and dogs, our staff has experience handling all types of small animals, birds, and fish. We’ll take care of any cage cleaning, feeding, and playtime your critters need to feel safe and comfortable.

Dog Training

Having trouble with obedience, or getting your dog to play well with others? We offer private lessons to help you address those behavioral issues and develop a good relationship with your dog.